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"I found your stance (during the Circle of Security Parenting group) really warm and compassionate. I never felt judged or pressured into thinking any particular way. I also had moments of great clarity with comments you made that really hit the spot."

"In the person, teacher and friend that is Desiree is an elegant blend of psychology and yoga. Her approach to yoga is, to me, a true one - not about achieving asanas, but a humble, patient, loving journey with self and others - much like psychological process. She brings with her the ability to hold space and craft classes that flow with grace and heart, in both big, poetic strokes as well as in intricacies (I appreciate the rarely explored but important details both physical and metaphorical about poses, in Yoga Basics). The space is transformed into a temporary sanctuary for non-judgmental self-exploration with curiosity and humour."

"Desiree's classes are always well-structured and themed, and each theme is an opportunity for meaningful introspection. During class, she melds a gentle, restorative physical practice with philosophy and emotional exploration. What results is 60 minutes of self-discovery, inner peace, and unspeakable joy."

The Beingwith Experience

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